Aquarius weekly horoscope 28 march

Metropolis' weekly horoscope takes a look at love, money and luck from March 22nd to March 28th. Weekly Horoscope. March 22 – March By Cathryn Moe | Posted on March 21, . AQUARIUS. January 19 – February
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Let your light be admired this week. The balance comes from Venus. This money and love goddess transits to your career sector. Not working? Your public presence receives a star-based glow. Your career can become a hate-to-love event. You can settle in to corners that once were too dark to deal with. There is greatness in your stars. Relationships receive a boost. Venus transits to add her allure — if you have someone to share it with. If not, you could find you are in a luxury suite, keeping some plush moments for yourself. Enjoy some sunny solitude. There are ways to call in your karmic connections.

Venus transits to bless a relationship. Feeling fragile? Recent events could have you question where you stand. Venus transits from your romance sector. She ups the ante to change dynamics which previously held you back.

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This goddess of pleasure makes work a more comfortable task, with colleagues in an agreeable mood. A bonus or promotion is possible. The Sun connects with Chiron, warming parts of you that have needed to heal.

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Venus transits to your romance sector. It may be straightforward, as in the gesture of a gift, or you may choose to infuse your rosy behavior with undeniable affection. Money may have a hand in the choices you make. Where and how you live may be in your thoughts. Not only are you dealing with idealistic Neptune, retrograde Mercury, and stay-at-home Vesta, Venus enters to add to your daydreams. However, judging by the recent link between Venus and the bountiful Jupiter, what seems least promising could turn out to be brilliant.

That being the case, explore whatever comes your way. Be patient. Each day, both circumstances and your perspective on these matters will become clearer. The trick is to waste no time on questions or debate but, rather, to plunge in and learn from experience. Are you restless, and eager to meet new people or go new places? You need to explore, learn about and discuss them. The sooner you address these matters, the better.

Mercury enters Sagittarius

Usually one particular individual is easygoing. Discuss the actual situation with others, and ask a few questions. However, even you could be overwhelmed by recent events. Still, explore them.

Planetary Row

However, you may have no choice. The trick is to take it slowly and be willing to review those ideas and arrangements in detail.

This will take discipline but be worth the effort. There is no wrong way to be polite, kind or generous. But somebody has a talent for finding fault with most things you do. Tempting as it is to rush through these, each offers valuable insights. Take things slowly.

They believe in good fortune. As much as you enjoy getting to know those around you, mostly because of the simple joy of learning about them and their lives, certain individuals continue to puzzle you. The fact is, they live a very simple life, and have very little to tell you about. Obviously, every sign is influenced by the fresh perspective triggered by the current New Moon.

You may already have been discussing, planning or already undertaken extensive changes. Still, this is about pursing them in a new way or from an unexpected angle. The secret?

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope: March 22nd to 28th - Sidereal Astrology

Explore absolutely everything. Little is more irritating than, having already made changes in certain longstanding arrangements, being forced to do so again. In early October, your ruler Mercury moved into one of the most practical angles of your chart, beginning a cycle of questioning and review of these important, if dull, matters. While, as a Cancerian, you have a practical streak, certain long cherished dreams are never far from your thoughts.

However, judging by the current planetary setup, at the moment those hopes and dreams could turn into reality. Tempting as it is to complain about the unsettling situations, if not disarray, the recent decisions of others triggered, think twice. Knowing that, explore every option and put off decisions until later.

Not only have once-troublesome arrangements changed, your own priorities are changing as well. The more options you explore and consider now, the more likely you are to make decisions that you can live with happily. No sign is more discreet, as much about others as your own life. Discuss this, and the more frankly, the better. Your ruling planet Jupiter moved into Sagittarius about a year ago, on 8 November. Next week, on 2 December, it moves to accent practical and financial matters.

While it will be challenging, give it a try.

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By no means are you narrow-minded. While, mostly, that makes sense, your birthday chart underlines the importance of doing exactly that, revisiting these. There is no wrong way to show gratitude or reveal your affection for others. Listen to them. They might actually have some good ideas. However, stop there. On no account should you even think of discussing these matters.

Mercury enters Sagittarius

While, in part, this accents elements of your life, breakthroughs in how you live, love or your priorities could be even more significant in the long run. But not only have your efforts been unrewarding, the individual in question seems increasingly unenthusiastic. Hearing about a promising idea or offer is one thing. But watching it turn into reality, as is the case, now is something entirely different. The real problem is that the individual in question regards their actions as being perfectly acceptable.

Waste no time discussing this. Just keep this in mind when future circumstances force you to deal with them. When you first raised questions about the decisions one particularly strong-minded individual was making, they dismissed your concerns. This was no surprise but, still, you felt you had to speak up. For now, say no more. The more you discuss now, the easier it will be to turn existing unformed ideas into a lasting arrangement.

The best, and in fact only, solution is to talk things over. Still, plunge in. What you experience will be unexpectedly rewarding.

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Actually, the more swiftly you get involved, the better. When you made certain promises, both the circumstances in question and your own life seemed predictable. Watching an arrangement or alliance you fought for come undone is no fun. The fact is, the foundation on which this was based has shifted, so much a comprehensive rethink is the only solution. However, you have certain blind spots, places, areas of interest or activities that you are absolutely sure would be dull, unrewarding or even irritate you. These views are based on the past. With things moving so swiftly, these will vanish within a short time.

For the past month or so, your ruler Venus has been positioned to accent various financial or business matters. Now that Venus is accenting ways you could broaden your horizons, suddenly life itself will be a lot more interesting.