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The solar eclipse on Tuesday 8 March at 18°55′ Pisces falls in Pisces decan 2. The solar eclipse astrology focuses on the healing of a.
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Both were healers of wounded souls who used natural methods like hands on healing, herbs and the power of the mind. Even palm reading is termed chiromancy. Chiron was not part of the establishment and he mingled with other outcasts.

He was seen as maverick who used unorthodox methods to heal others and promote spiritual enlightenment. The major theme of solar eclipse March therefore relates to a deep wound in your soul. This could be some existing physical or emotional pain, but may also indicate a new wound received following this eclipse.

Other aspects in the solar eclipse March astrology chart and the lunar eclipse in two weeks time will give more detail about the nature of your wound and the healing process. Both Chiron and Constellation Aquarius have the new age feel about them. Your new start or new goals may involve natural or alternative methods but also new breakthroughs in science and technology.

Air travel and the Internet have a part to play in both wounding through the spread of disease, and healing through information sharing.

The influence of Chiron suggest health issues impeding your growth and happiness. Unethical or immoral behavior will not be rewarded. Moderation, self-control and self-discipline will help you avoid the over optimistic and excessive nature of Jupiter. Try not to take on too much or push yourself too hard because of a tendency to over-estimate your resources and abilities. Fear and pessimism can lead to a defeatist attitude and melancholy. There will be a tendency to evade responsibility and give up on your goals. Saturn may indicate that your wound stems from guilt and resulting self-abuse.

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This would indicate the karmic repercussions of inflicting a wound on another person. If your own wound stems from guilt about hurting someone else or being disloyal, then forgiveness is critical to healing your wound. Forgive yourself but also importantly forgive anyone who has hurt you.

This aspect requires hard work, patience and discipline. Disappointment and delays make it that much harder to focus on the original solar eclipse goals of healing your wounds. You will feel more determined and purposeful than usual to achieve your goals.

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Any obsessive or compulsive tendencies you have can actually be harnessed to get a difficult task done. This aspect also describes the result of your healing process, which is the evolution of your soul. The reduction of pain allows you to soar higher at the spiritual level. A rapid leap in spiritual development can actually cause physical pain as your higher self jumps ahead but leaves your physical body behind. The resulting growing pains will then need to be healing through those methods associated with Chiron.

This is one aspect that can really combat the limiting and depressing influence of Saturn. It compensates for any defeatism or lack of faith, and ensures higher moral and ethical standards. Saturn trine Uranus is ahead of the solar eclipse, another transition phase in your life over the next year.

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This is the ideal time to make positive changes in your life because they should run smoothly. Change will not be upsetting or erratic as it sometimes can. You will remain calm and patient, planning every step methodically. You may be given more responsibility but also be allowed enough freedom to tackle the work in your own way.

The March 8 solar eclipse shows you and your goals for the next six months. It could be an existing wound from this life or a previous one, or it may come during the eclipse phase. With wounding comes healing, in some cultures there is only one word to describe both. Jupiter shows how you need to take it easy.

This is because your feelings rising from your subconscious may be difficult to articulate and communicate. Your sub-conscious speaks in a different language than your conscious mind.

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Your intuition is strong. You could have spiritual experiences. Trust your intuition. Trust your instincts. Much insight can come to you now. Stay in the present.

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Your power is in the now. This Pisces eclipse is bringing to light your mission in this life. You do not need to fix, save and rescue other people. You want to let people live their own lives. Allow others to learn from their experiences. This is the path to Self-mastery. That is create the space for others to find their own answers …If you want to help other people, role model a great life.

When you do what is right for you, it is right for everyone else. The Law of Attraction is matching your energy, words and behavior. Thirteen hours later the Sun enters Aries. The total eclipse followed by the equinox creates a powerful portal. You can access higher dimensions of consciousness…. Be who you really are. Be your authentic Self. March 20 is a brilliant day for ritual and prayer.

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Dance with Creator. It is the energy of opening to the Divine Presence ; the energy of surrender to the flow of life, the energy of trust and faith in Life. One fish symbolizes delusion and illusion, the fantasies the ego generates about its own desires. The other is mystical awareness and communion with the Anima Mundi, our World Soul.

Which fish will we swim with? This is such a moment of grace! The old story that is passing away is the story that taught us that we needed to be free. It begins within your own psyche. Are you in or are you out? Can you let your inner guidance help you create your new life? Barry Fleming says:.