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For those of you born with your Ascendant or Sun in the first ten degrees (first decanate) of Aquarius, this is your daily horoscope guide to the month ahead.
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Aquarius Ascendant Traits - Aquarius Ascendant Eccentric but so original, radical but oh so innovative, people born with Aquarius Ascendant are simply unique , and they would keep reminding you that, with their peculiar style sense, opinions and interests. They are intellectual and methodical; always have a good advice up their sleeves.

The First House

There is a strong inquisitiveness that guides their actions. So the child you met in the grocery store asking his mother, why we have 12 months in a year is most likely to be under the influence of his Aquarius Ascendant characteristics. This also reminds us of the fact that Aquarius rising natives find science, space and metaphysics as the most intriguing subjects.

They are about change, growth and advancement. They are humanitarians , concerned with uplifting of humanity. Anything that brings advancement in the society is strongly appreciated by these individuals whether it is a new gadget or science research or experiment. Are you an Aquarius Ascendant?

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Find out easily here! Year Born with Aquarius on your Ascendant or Rising , you will find a clearer sense of individuality is gained by stepping back to look at life from an objective perspective.

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A detached point of view allows for a logical assessment of the circumstances around you, giving you the ability to find, at times, lightning fast resolution to key issues. This is the sign of the collective over the individual, the group over the singular.

Aquarius Rising Significance

You are likely to have an especially broad view on society that allows you to mix with a great variety of people. Your awareness of group and social dynamics is paramount for your overall self-expression. Putting group endeavours first may override purely personal concerns.

There is likely to be a pronounced tendency to act in ways that will benefit the collective, rather than provide personal gain. This then is the rising sign of the true humanitarian, who gets what they need in ways that are socially responsible and considerate. You may be suited to working with large groups of people, especially organizations or groups that have a humanitarian focus.

You may also be drawn to arenas such as science, politics, communications or human resources, and have a strong social conscience. Usually open to scientific innovation, you can be an early-adopter or work with advances in technology. Broadcasting also falls under this sign, and you may have significant talents here. For a well-rounded picture, the qualities of your Sun Sign and House should be considered, as well as the qualities of your Moon sign.

This sign is associated with intellectual genius and sudden realizations. Your intellect may be highly pronounced, and you may also be gifted with a strong intuition — able to see the gestalt of a situation in one moment, then make pinpoint decisions based upon multi-leveled dimensions of information.

Aquarius Ascendant Astrology - Love, Relationships, Career, Marriage Prediction

With sudden flashes of illumination you see the next step, and should learn to trust yourself enough to proceed. The sign and house position of the Sun in your chart will give you many clues as to how and where this happens most for you. This rising sign is both idealistic yet practical, and concerned with the benefit of the group. You may be somewhat rebellious and unorthodox. Accordingly, you may suffer at the hands of others because of your apparent eccentricities.

You may have played the role of the outsider or someone different from an early age, and become used to following the beat of your own drum. Your dream: to form a tolerant couple, who inspires society and shakes it up. Do not ask questions, what needs to happen will be done! With the help of Uranus, who governs this area, love always strikes without warning. The most unusual places and ways are often auspicious. A train delay, an event that revolutionizes the course of things, an emergency situation and oh, here is a person who is more interesting than others.

Otherwise, places like a plane, a laboratory or a futuristic city, with its glass skyscrapers, are also conducive to these new age relationships. With Aquarius as the Descendant, you do not see conflict coming: you are too idealistic for that. However, the planet Uranus is responsible for spicing up your program: boom, there is a beautiful storm that happens and you never saw the lightning coming.

With your Leo Ascendant, you are sure that you are doing everything right.

Rising Signs: AQUARIUS

The fault therefore falls on the other, who suddenly does not show the expected face. Either by becoming too demanding, or getting tired of yourself, or by becoming outright marginal in the way of eccentricities. It must be said, instability marks your partnerships period by period and despite everything, the breaks are always sudden, even staggering. Cancel your web notifications.

The First House

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