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Today's Horoscope for Tuesday October 08th. You'll be more secretive as you dig deeper for better long-term answers. Only those closest to you will guess what.
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Sandra Ingerman. Kallindo Kal.

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Stephen Kane. Accepting Now an empowerment for cultivating happiness Beckoning Your Real Relationships beckoning your real relationships through awakening your life energies Being Alive Ronni Lynn.

Mary MacLean. Saturn Turns Direct in Leo three ways to implement your intentions March Eclipses as Saturn slows, how do they affect you? Marguerite Manning. Della Menechella. Alexandria MoonStar. Rick Ney. Sacred Geometry "intentional architecture" in Armenia Karahundj: Armenia's Stonehenge ancient stone circle in Armenia connected with origins of the Zodiac. Mike Nichols. Marjorie Orr. Astrology: the Science of Cosmic Oneness a profoundly stimulating spiritual journey. Larry Park. Anna Pekar. Real Psychics Myth, or Reality..?

Vickie Powell. Esoteric Astrology outline of this abstruse subject.

UK 12222 – the year of sudden endings

Massoume Price. Ram Ramakrishnan. You're bound to die Perils of Ignoring Astrological Aspects! Lili Rosace. Monthly Tarotscopes a nice new slant on your month ahead! Uma Shankar.

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Silver Eagle. Elena Solomon. What Is Body Language? Ed Tamplin. Ian Thurnwald. Table for Calculating Planetary Values calculate traditional planetary dignities and debilities Unfolding Astrological Themes to September 11 part of American Catastrophe series Uranus versus Algol the great revolutionary versus the demon star. Rob Tillett.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Lincolnberry58 — Astro-View Welcome. Feel free to look around this website. Please enjoy yourself while you do. Happy star-gazing. Thank you. Reacting to events rather than shaping them? Information is Power, so give yourself some more Power. Give yourself some more Self-Empowerment.

Search for:. Astrology - AstroView Uncategorized. Turkey dislikes the Kurds whom they see as terrorists with ambitions to set up their own state which would encroach on Turkish territory […]. Vladimir Putin celebrated his 67 birthday with a macho photoshoot of him hiking in the Siberian mountains. Neil McCormick in the Telegraph obitu […]. Prince Harry and maybe Meghan are finding out the hard way that provoking a full-on punch-up with the media is NOT a good idea. Retaliation has started with an interview with estranged father Thomas Markle, who has been remarkably quiet recently, in which he says he only published part of the offending letter to correct the wrong impression given by a […].

At least 99 people have died and nearly 4, wounded in protests in Iraq over unemployment, poor public services and corruption in the country. The Trump impeachment is winding up an ominous head of steam and Brexit is hurtling towards 3 seconds to midnight witching hour — or maybe not. Hong Kong and Iraq are in revolt, the EU is hovering on the brink of a recession and the Middle East is bubbling more obviously even than usual. The first episode of the late-night nutty comedy which promised crazy antics only attracted 1.

Katarina Johnson-Thompson took her first global outdoor title by winning the heptathlon gold at the World Championships in Doha, setting a British record. The heptathlon is seven events — metres hurdles, high jump, shot put, metres, long jump, javelin throw, […].

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B […]. The standard seems really high this year, and is an absorbing watch!

Kelvin Fletcher Kelvin Fletcher was drafted into the contest at […]. Gina Miller This week, with Parliament reconvening after an illegal prorogation, female MPs such as Hannah Sheriff and Jess Phillips described their rage at incendiary language used by the Prime Minister, which they felt put them at risk. Here are the next four contestants, and hopefully, you might have heard of at least one of them… Emma Barton Emma Barton plays […].

Strictly Come Dancing — Part 1 And now something completely different…from politics. Here are my first four contestants. I struggled to find some that I already knew. Jamie Laing has already left the contest. As […] […]. Ruth Davidson, who has been Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party for the past 8 years, is a unique and capable politician, once hailed as a […]. Jair Bolsonaro For me the most important event of the week was the burning of the Amazon rainforest and its implications for the planet.

The Weekly Outlook from 07th October

It describes the polarity between Leavers and Remainers: Leavers are the Capricorns who want to reset our borders and who have ambitions for the UK as an independent country; whereas Remainers are the Cancerians who feel a sense of belonging to the EU and value its care for people […]. The people have spoken in the EU elections, and we are just as divided as ever! However, the message is that something has to be done about the Brexit issue, or the Tories and Labour will be in meltdown in a general election.

The EU began as a response to the trauma of 2 World Wars - and probably further back too, to Napoleon. The founding idea was that Europe would unite politically - in an 'ever closer union' - so that these wars could not occur again. My contention is that, to a degree, this was trauma speaking, rather than 'emotion recollected in tranquillity […]. This is a painting from Jung's Red Book.

I have it on my wall. It would be called the shaman's illness in a Siberian culture, when the spirits make you an offer you cannot refuse - not, at any rate, if you want your life back. What i […].